5 Outdoor Activities That Are Just Better Together

5 Outdoor Dates That Are Just Better Together

Outdoor enthusiasts are usually prepared to do any activity at any time, even those they’ve never tried before. While most outdoor people don’t mind exploring the backcountry by themselves, there are some activities that are just better with another person. If you love getting outside as much as your match, then here are some fun things you can do with together.

.Kayaking in the Upsala Glacier ...

Kayaking or Canoeing

Sure, you can do this sport by yourself, but why would you? First of all, no one in the history of time ever complained when they had someone helping them row. Powering through this activity as a single person is more effort than it’s worth. But, doing it with your LuvByrd match is a game changer. If you were ever hesitant about kayaking or canoeing in the past because you didn’t have someone to do it with, now you can finally give it a try.

Rock Climbing

No one would be able to rock climb unless they had a spotter. If you’ve met your match, now it’s time to do this awesome activity with someone else. Whether you rock climb in a gym or you do it for real in the mountains, having your spotter be someone you’re currently building a relationship with is the perfect scenario. Now is a great chance to see how much you can really trust someone!


Who really prefers to camp by themselves? While it’s a good opportunity to be alone and one with nature, camping is just way more fun with another person...particularly, your LuvByrd companion. Camping with someone you like gives you the chance to stay up late all night talking about your deepest thoughts. It gives you the chance to sit around a fire together telling your favorite stories. Most of all, it’s a chance to see how you work together as a team, pitching a tent or cooking your campfire meal. Camping with two is more fun than with one.

Bike Riding

Bike riding of any kind is a great workout for sure, but it’s also not easy. Going with your partner is a different story. When you have someone there to not only push you to keep going, but also keep you company on the journey, it’s a really nice thing. And, that view once you make it to the top of that mountain? Way better with your partner, 100% of the time.


Similar to mountain biking, jogging is not easy to do. Though, if it’s something you or your partner do every day, then it makes it a lot easier to enjoy.. Some people prefer to jog alone or listen to music during their workout, but as a couple, you really balance off of eachother. You might not be able to have an in depth conversation while you jog, but you sure will be able to keep each other going. It’s super healthy for yourself and your relationship, and a good habit to keep up as your relationship (and your endurance) grows.


Any activity can virtually be done alone, but why do it alone when you can do it with someone else?  If you’re still looking for someone to do these outdoor activities with, then sign up for LuvByrd and start seeing your matches today!