8 Gifts Only an Outdoorsy Date Would Appreciate

8 Gifts Only an Outdoorsy Date Would Appreciate


Thanks to Luvbyrd, you’ve now met someone you really love spending time with. You guys have gotten to know each other and things are going really well. Now, you want to show this person how much you care. That being said, you don’t want your gift to be too much, or too little.

These adorable gifts should be a good call for your outdoorsy date!

1. A Wildflower Bouquet

Why buy flowers when you can get them for free? There’s nothing as cute and adorable as picking out a few dandelions and clumping them together in a bouquet. When you partner isn’t looking, put this gift together and surprise them when they turn around.



2. A Two-Person Sleeping Bag

Ding, ding, ding! This one is a winner. What other way to enjoy the Great Outdoors with your match than snuggling up together in a two-person sleeping bag? Just keep in mind that giving your outdoorsy date a gift like this might be suggestive of things you don’t mean to imply. On the other hand, maybe you’re not trying to be careful about what you’re suggesting at all. Either way, just make sure it’s clear what your intentions are.


3. A “Backwash Unlikely” Water Bottle

Maybe you and your match are past the point of lip-locking and sharing beverages. But, even the closest of couples don’t like to share drinks for the fear of one thing...backwash. If you and your partner plan to share a water bottle on the trail, just make sure to get them this Contigo Bottle with an Autoseal Lid.


4. A Micro Projector

Want to hit the movies for your next date but don’t want to be stuck inside a theatre? Then grab the tent and hit a quiet area in the wilderness. (One that at least has good reception.) Get comfy in the back of it (preferably in your two-person sleeping bag), and use a micro projector for your smartphone to display the movie on the tent wall. You can also make your own with a shoebox. Genius!




5. Pillow Talk

This unique Kickstarter campaign was introduced to the world a couple of years ago. Originally, the idea was for you to have one pillow and your partner to have another. When you went to sleep, your own pillow would light up if your partner was also on theirs.

Now, Pillow Talk has transformed a bit to create a bracelet and speaker that does a similar function. Instead of your pillow lighting up, you can instead listen to the sound of your partner’s heartbeat while you go to sleep. This is great for a partner who already had a thru-hike planned with his or her friends before they started their relationship with you. Waiting to see each other again won’t be too hard, thanks to this.


6. Matching Hiking Pajamas

Umm...yes! What else would be more adorable than getting all cozied up in your matching pajama suits? You can both represent how much you love being outside, but in the comfort of your own bed. Yeah, it might be a little lame, but who cares? It’s the perfect gift and a great excuse to get real close.




7. The Old, “Let Me Get That For You”

Sure, “stuff” makes for a nice gift. But, so do favors. This is especially true when you and your match are both carrying heavy bags on the trail. “Can I give you a hand?” or, “Let me get that for you.” can really do wonders. No actual gift could add up to that.


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