Always Look Out for Your Partner Outdoors

Always Look Out for Your Partner Outdoors

Outdoor dating is a little different than “regular” dating. While out on the trail, at the park, or even on the slopes, there’s a lot more to think about. Any partner would go to any extent to make sure their significant other is safe, but there’s definitely more to be aware of when you’re an outdoorsy couple. So, next time you get outside with your LuvByrd match (which knowing you guys, is probably tomorrow), make sure you have what it takes to look out for the other person.



Know Basic First-Aid

If you guys are doing adrenaline-rushing sports or hikes off the beaten path, then it’s important that you both have some basic first-aid skills. One good thing about having each other around is that you’ll never be alone. But, if something happens to one of you, the other person should know what to do so you can both be safe.

Know Their Medical Needs and Restrictions

Does your partner take any medications? Do they have any allergies? A condition that could be triggered at high altitudes or after doing certain activities? Even if you’re a new couple, if you guys spend a lot of time outdoors together, it’s really important that you know these things about each other. It could save a life.



Have Emergency Contact Information

Maybe you and your LuvByrd match have already met each other’s family. Or, maybe you’re still in the beginning phase of your relationship. Whatever the situation is for you guys, make sure you have each other’s emergency contact information memorized, as well as who can make decisions if a situation makes a turn for the worse.

Don’t Do Anything Your Partner is Really Not Comfortable With

We know. Being an outdoor enthusiast means you’re probably fine with stepping out of your comfort zone every so often, and your partner probably is, too. But, ultimately, there are some things that you or your partner just may not be comfortable doing no matter what. And, a lot of that could maybe be due to the fact he or she doesn’t have any experience with something like rock climbing or snowboarding. Respect your partner always.



When You’re Not Together, Keep Each Other Posted

As much as you two probably love doing stuff together, it’s safe to assume that you and your LuvByrd match may not be together all the time. Therefore, it’s really important to keep each other posted when one of you is doing an outdoor activity and the other one isn’t. It might seem like common sense, letting your partner know where you are, but sometimes people just need a reminder.

Give Each Other a Hand

When your partner needs help, whether it’s carrying extra stuff or pitching a tent, always give each other a hand. Any healthy couple should bring something to the table that perhaps the other person can’t. Two heads are always better than one, and big part of looking out for your partner is simply being there.


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