Anniversary Ideas

Wow Your Date with One of These Anniversary Ideas


So, you and your LuvByrd match have been together quite a while now. Whether “a while” means a year or even just a few months, that’s definitely something worth celebrating. Of course, an outdoorsy couple like you isn’t going to spend this anniversary date in a fancy restaurant or a movie theatre. No, you guys are going to celebrate the way you both like...outdoors.


Once that part is covered, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to add some romance to this particular date. While it may not be easy, setting the scene for your outdoor anniversary is more important than any other date. So, just follow these suggestions!

Plan a Scavenger Hunt at a Campsite

If you really want to remember this anniversary, then you’ll need to put in a little extra effort. Plan a scavenger hunt at a campsite you guys have visited before, or a even new one. Each clue on this scavenger hunt can be a memory you’ve had together up until this point, which somehow leads to the next clue. (Yes, you may need to think outside the box.) The last clue can lead to your campsite, which will be the perfect place for you guys to come for a romantic night.

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Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding may seem like a bit of an underrated activity, but it’s definitely one of the most romantic ones. There’s just something about riding with beautiful horses that makes for a wonderful (and unique) anniversary date. Get a little dressed up, meet the horses, and head out to the stables together.

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Visit an Outdoor Ice Skating Rink

This anniversary, hit a local ice skating rink. While it might be a few more weeks before there’s one open to the public, going ice skating together is a great way to celebrate each other. And, let’s be honest; unless one of you were a professional skater in a past life, this is one activity you can both help each other out with. There’s no better way to continue that spark than helping each other not fall on your asses!


Go Fishin’!

This time of year is hunting season, but we’re aware of the fact that not everyone likes to hunt. However, there are other similar ways to celebrate your anniversary together. Get your fishing gear together, and head to the local fishing spot. Hopefully, you’ll get a good catch, and you can spend the rest of the afternoon cooking up a delicious lunch together. Now, that’s love!


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Set Up an Outdoor Photo Session

Any anniversary calls for a photo session. Putting your photography skills to the test on gorgeous pictures of you two together is the date that keeps on giving. Make some signs writing how long you’ve been together and another with “Happy Anniversary.” Find a place with a scenic backdrop, get dressed up real nice, and start taking photos! You’ll never forget this date!


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