Chairlift Speed Dating

LuvByrd Couples Up with Loveland Ski Area To Bring You This Amazing Single’s Event

     It all starts Dec. 10th at 10 A.M! You don’t want to miss it!

Luvbyrd is the local expert for all your outdoor matchmaking needs. But, sometimes, we like to take the dating scene offline, so you can get to meeting people much faster. If you’re looking to find your special someone before the holidays come around, or you’re just looking to spend time with some like-minded people, the Chairlift Speed Dating event is our gift to you.


To give you a little background about the event and the location, this is the second year in a row LuvByrd is doing this speed dating event. Last year we had over 200 single riders and skiers, and this year, it’s projected that that number will double. Will you be part of it? Hosted by the Loveland Ski Area in Georgetown, Colorado, this romantic little ski resort has been featured in our past articles for a very good reason. It’s the perfect setting to make some serious love connections. That’s because every person you’ll meet at this event is just as excited about hitting the slopes as you are!

Although most speed dating events happen at restaurants, this one is really the only one of its kind. You can be sure your potential matches aren’t just a guy or a girl, but someone who’s bound to share similar interests with you. That means starting the conversation will be a breeze. And, it’s fun! All you have to do is get on the lift with someone. You chat your way up the lift, then you ski down together. If you really like each other’s company, you can continue doing other runs together.  But, if it just so happens that the person you’re sharing the lift with isn’t really your type, you can head back down the mountain and get on the lift again to give it another go.

Each time you get back on the lift, you’ll get a raffle ticket. Winners of the raffle will get some pretty awesome winter gear. We’re not saying you should speed date as many people as you can just to get more chances at the raffle, but that’s all up to you. Of course, the trade off is quite nice. If you have less raffle tickets, that must mean you’ve really kicked it off with someone, and you may be that much closer to finding your match.

So, interested? Of course you are! Sign up for the event online, and save on your ticket. For $48, you’ll get to participate in the event, try your shot at the raffle, score free bee, and attend a social hour where you can just have some fun with the other singles. You know, without the one-on-one pressure.


Get your tickets now! The event is just a few days away!


Saturday, December 10th, 10 A.M-3 P.M. Registration begins at 9.