How Do You Know Your Partner Is The Right One For You

How Do You Know Your Partner Is The Right One For You?

Whenever you begin a new relationship, the question always comes to mind. Is this the right relationship for me? Is this someone I want to get serious with? Truly, you can never know if you are with someone who you will get along with for the rest of your life. So how do you know when to delve deep and get serious? Here are some ideas to consider before taking the jump, or even after doing so.







Your partner makes you happy.

This is the classic point of reference for any relationship. If you aren’t happy, then what are you doing? With one life to live, and time that flies faster than you can control, there’s no point in sticking through something that is not making you happy. On the other side, if someone takes time out of their day to make you smile or laugh, they should not be overlooked. Relationships that last are those that are able to overcome any obstacles, and the key to overcoming hardships is finding happiness.



Your partner inspires you.

Not many people think about this regularly, but it is important to take into account. Does this person make you want to be better, try harder, and accomplish more? An inspirational partner is always important as it pushes you to be your best. To some extent, you can lose yourself it you’re constantly trying to impress someone so ensure that you’re doing so while still making yourself happy and being as much yourself as possible.



Your friends approve of your partner.

This is always a tough measurement, as sometimes your friends do not have your best interests in mind. I’ve had a few jealous friends out there who would rather I not date someone as it would take time away from seeing them. However, you must find that middle ground where you are able to date and yet not forget about those who have stuck by you before you settled down. A friend’s approval goes a long way though. They are always the first to tell if you are happier or more anxious by hanging out more frequently with someone. Just as well, they know how to be blunt with you and are not afraid to hold back and tell you how they feel about certain people.




afraid to hold back and tell you how they feel about certain people.




You are your truest self around your partner.

This means everything from singing along (possibly quite poorly) to your favorite songs in the car in front of them, to not being afraid to fight about politics. Being yourself is underestimated in a relationship. Although you want someone to like you so you try to appeal to their likes and desires, more often than not they will fall in love with you simply for your goofy side or for the weird quirks you have. Whether you’re bad with directions, afraid of the ocean, or really love to sing even though you sing poorly, never hold back with someone you’re dating. There are plenty of LuvByrd’s out there and you will find yours.