How to Dress to Impress your LuvByrd on the Trail

How to Dress to Impress on the Trail

The time has come, and now you and your LuvByrd match will really be putting things to the test on your first ever hiking date. While outdoorsy couples might be the last to care about what they’re wearing, let’s be honest. Everyone wants to impress their date the first time around, even if it feels a bit superficial.


If you want to dress to impress while still wearing clothes which are appropriate for hiking, then take some of these tips.

For Guys:

Whoever said guys don’t care as much as girls about what they are wearing? While on the surface it may seem as though men aren’t too picky about what they wear, we’d like to argue against that. If men want to look good for their date on the trail, here’s some advice.


Shirts: Hiking shirts aren’t always the most attractive articles of clothing out there. But, if you’re looking for something nice and less-”hikey”, go for the REI Sahara T-shirt or the ExOfficio Give-N-Go T-Shirt.


Pants: No, you won’t be able to bring your best slacks out on the trail. But, you can bring a pair of prAna Stretch Zion Pants, and that’s almost the same thing.


Shoes: Shoes can really make or break a man’s outfit. Luckily, there’s a lot of good-looking hiking boots out there. Go for the Merrell All Out Blaze Ventilator boots if you want to look sharp.


Layers: That lumberjack look, especially during the fall, is always a win. Try the Woolrich Men’s Buffalo Check Wool Shirt flannel to layer up. Plus, everyone loves a guy in a flannel!


Accessories: A Sundays Afternoon Hat and a pair of aviators or Ray Bans should do the trick.


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For Gals:

First of all, let’s be straight. There is definitely not enough gear options for ladies as there are for men. Those that do exist tend to sexualize women, when all they want to do is hike and not be labeled by their looks. That being said, for the purpose of the first date, let’s keep in mind that ladies, just like guys, want to impress their date the first time around. Here’s how.


Shirts: While there may be less gear options for women, the type of shirts girls can get away with definitely outnumber a guy’s. Whether you prefer the Arc’Teryx Motus Sleeveless tank, a button down with roll up sleeves from Royal Robbins, or a regular t-shirt for SmartWool, the options of looking good are endless.


Pants: Leggings. Need we say more? Yes, yoga pants, leggings, or any spandex for that matter may be overrated and may not even qualify as “pants” in some people’s eyes, but they’re amazing. They look great, they’re comfortable, and they’re perfect for hiking. Don’t stress yourself out trying to find anything else.


Shoes: A majority of hiking boots tend to have “manly” look to them. To avoid that, try going with a pair of hiking sneakers or running shoes, that have enough traction for the rugged trail. Take a look at the Salomon Ellipse GTX Hiking Shoes.


Layers: It might get cold outside, and unless you plan on borrowing your new man’s flannel, you’re going to need something of your own. Go for a colorful and cute jumper, like the Patagonia Snap Fleece Pullover. It’ll keep you feeling warm and looking good.


Accessories: A standard baseball cap or trucker hat will look great for your date on the trail. You can also sport a pair of colorful lenses to complete the look.

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Everyone wants to look good for their date, no matter where that date is taking place. To impress your date even on the trail, try to one of these outfit combinations.


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