Outdoor Date Ideas for Couples Who Like Walking but Not Hiking

Outdoor Date Ideas for Couples Who Like Walking but Not Hiking


Many of the singles who meet their matches on LuvByrd enjoy hiking. Others don't, and prefer other types of outdoor activities instead. There are many ways to love and appreciate being outside, and hiking doesn't necessarily need to be one of them. If you and your new partner like to get out of the house, but in a different or more casual way than hiking or camping, then here are some alternative date ideas.


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Spend the Day in a New City

A couple who loves to walk but doesn’t want to hit the trail can simply visit a new city. Just hop on a bus, train, plane, or get in the car and go somewhere different. Walk by the buildings, little shops, admire the architecture, and take some photos you can hopefully look back on together a few years from now.

Visit a Park or Botanical Garden

Taking a stroll by some beautiful flowers and plants while spending the day picnicking at a park is one way to supplement a hiking date. Bring along a blanket, some sandwiches, maybe even a glass of champagne, and you're good to go! You can see as many flora and fauna you’d see out hiking in the wilderness, but without having to get to down and dirty. (Unless you want to, of course.)


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Head to the Zoo

If you don't want to spend the day inside, then what’s better than the zoo? For a few bucks you get to be close to some incredible animals and see how your partner reacts to the lions and tigers and bears (oh my!). Anyone who’s ever been to the zoo knows just how much walking is involved. The best part is, you’ll be so excited about what you’re seeing that you’ll forget you’re walking in the first place!

Enter a Walk-a-Thon

Need a little more incentive to get outside and walk together? Want to do do something for a good cause? Then enter a walk-a-thon! A lot of big towns and cities have these types of events going on, so you can get out and have fun with your partner, while trying to raise awareness for something that matters to you.  (Bonus: Guys and gals can rock their sexy walking outfits!)

Visit a Farm

Depending on where you live, visiting a farm as summer comes to an end is a wonderful date idea. Pumpkin picking, apple picking, going through a hedge maze, or walking around a joint-winery/farm is pretty much guaranteed to seal the deal. Enjoy the day outside stretching your legs and admiring the quaint scenery around you. Make sure to share an apple cider, too!

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Go Bar Hopping or a Pub Crawl

Like walking AND drinking? Maybe the two don’t always go together well, but in this case, we’ll let it slide. If you and your new partner like the idea of getting to know each other over a few drinks, then going on a pub crawl or bar hop is will be perfect for you two. Simply go walking and score a few drinks along the way. No need to resort to hiking when here you can exercise your legs and your liver!

Go to a Festival

Festivals are the kind of thing you just do when you want to do something out of the norm. Something that’s close by the house, but features a lot of fun things to do for the day. You and your new match can walk by all the booths, games, and food stalls while getting in a good walk. It’s a great way to try and explore new things together, without having to push yourselves too hard. (Like you would have to on a hike.) Every town and city usually has festivals going on throughout the year, so just do a Google search and see what’s up!

Visit an Amusement Park

Yes, amusement parks can be expensive. But, enjoying a day at a place where you can feel like a kid again along with your new match is really all you need. Surely, this date will be telling if he or she is a good fit for you! I mean, who wants to date someone that can’t have fun on a roller coaster? (We’re kidding, of course). Anyway, not a day goes by at an amusement park that doesn’t require lots and lots of walking outside! You’ll surely be tired at the end of this exciting date, but it’ll be well worth it!


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