The Pros and Cons of Dating an Outdoor Enthusiast

The Pros and “Cons” of Dating an Outdoor Enthusiast

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LuvByrd is a dating app for outdoor enthusiasts which makes it easy for active singles to find that special someone. Someone you can enjoy hiking dates with on a regular basis. Of course, even dating someone as awesome as an outdoor enthusiast doesn’t come without its fair share of these gentle ups and downs!


Pro: You’re both always down for an adventure

Being with a person with the same attitude for adventure is so important. You know that your lives will never be boring when you’re together. No matter what distractions are going on, you’ll always have a partner to just “leave it all behind” with.


Con: You’ll never be able to say “no” to anything

Being always down for adventure might mean being indecisive about everything else. “Want to eat pizza tonight?” “Sure, that sounds good, but what about Chinese?” “Yeah, Chinese sounds good, too.” “Which Chinese place?” “Oh, the one that’s right next to the pizza place.” “Okay, should we just get pizza then, too?” And the cycle goes on and on and on.


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Pro: You’ll get super comfortable super quickly

When your first date is climbing a mountain together, it’s not quite the same as going out to a fancy dinner. The dress and the cologne will be exchanged for rugged backpacks and probably smelly gear. There’s not really any opportunity for privacy outdoors. A shared tent or lack of toilet means you’ll need to get comfortable really fast.


Con: There is literally no such thing as “too weird”

Once you’ve crossed that initial point of comfort, there’s not much that qualifies as “too weird” or “too much.” You’re already way past that. You might need to remind each other once in awhile that some mystery in a relationship is a good thing.


Pro: Sharing is never an issue because it’s completely necessary

In the beginning of any relationship, the whole lending and borrowing thing can get pretty out of control. Some early couples choose not to share anything until things get really serious. Some choose to share too much in the beginning. When you date an outdoor enthusiast, sharing is never even a conversation; it just happens. You’ll share your gear, meals, tent, and everything else that goes with hiking.


Con: Danger! Some passive-aggressiveness may occur at any moment

For so long, you’ve been okay eating that trail mix bar, or hiking in a little bit of rain. After all, you don’t want your new partner to think you can’t handle anything. Unfortunately, it might be only a matter of time until you shout out, “I don’t like the damn peanut butter flavor anymore!” Yikes!


Pro: “How long you can last?” has a whole different meaning

When you’re trying to impress your outdoor enthusiast date, it’s not about how good you look or the money in your wallet. Talking about how good someone is in “tent’” is a little bit unconventional. While those things are all important, you’re mainly focused on how much your partner can tolerate the outdoors before they tap out. Or how supportive they are when unexpected problems arise.


Con: Getting intimate outdoors is a little difficult

Hiking dates can certainly be romantic, but also a bit unrealistic. Sure, kissing under the stars is nice, but trying to get cozy with your partner when you have dirt up your butt and rain coming in through the tent, can really ruin the moment. And, don’t even get us started on shared campsites…

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Pro: You’ll form a strong bond in no-time

As an outdoor enthusiast, you’re already well aware of the beauties of nature. From the sounds and scenery, to the fresh air and good vibes, any hike can and should be an unforgettable experience. Getting to share all those positive things with someone else leads to an indescribable bond.


Con: Choosing the next hiking date won’t be easy

Since you both love the outdoors so much, choosing where to hike to next isn’t quite like choosing what movie to see. After you start to go on outdoor dates a lot, you might need more intense trails and mountains to keep the spark. But, that’s not always a bad thing.


Like any relationship, dating an outdoor enthusiast can have its pros and cons. But, at the end of the day, the fun and exciting parts definitely outweigh the little inconveniences. Being with someone who can understand all these things will definitely make for a more enjoyable and supportive relationship.

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