This is How You Warm-Up The Outdoors with Your LuvByrd this Fall

This is How You Warm-Up The Outdoors with Your LuvByrd this Fall


For the couple that likes to get out a lot, we can bet that autumn is probably your favorite season for doing so. What time of the year is better for new LuvByrd couples to spend time outdoors together?

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Fall is great for many reasons, whether it’s the mild temperature, the pretty colors of the leaves, or the mere opportunity for couples to do things together outdoors. The only problem is that this season tends to get cold quickly. But, maybe that’s not a bad thing for a couple that wants to cuddle up together to stay warm!

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A Giant Blanket at the Beach

Summer is for beach towels, but fall is for beach blankets...actual blankets. If you live close to a beach, lake, river, or any body of water, it’s super beautiful in autumn. No, you might not be able to go for a swim, but you can surely enjoy it in other ways. Bring the largest, comfiest, warmest blanket you can find and head outdoors with your partner. It will be the best date yet.


A Two-Person Sleeping Bag

Yes, these do exist, and yes, they’re amazing for you and your LuvByrd match. A two-person sleeping bag is ideal for couples who have absolutely no intention of sleeping separately outdoors. Bring one of these babies to a local camping site, or even out in your backyard. Cuddle together beneath the stars while you have each other to stay warm.


Hang up a Hammock

Fall isn’t really the time of year you hear about hammocks, but who says you can’t enjoy one? Hammocks are really cheap and easy to put together. Find a spot in the woods near your house, or up on a mountain where you can get a good view of the scenery surrounding you. Bring a few warm sweaters and a fleece throw, and take in the nature together.


A Drive-In or Outdoor Movie

Drive-In theatres aren’t really around anymore, but they’re really a gem if you can find one. If you can’t, then many cities run outdoor movie nights a few times a month, even into the fall. It’s definitely going to be chilly outside, so bring some hot cocoa and get prepared for a very cozy evening under the stars.


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Visit a Hot Spring

What better way to warm up then visiting a hot spring? Hot springs are an awesome way to live like it’s summer, but in the fall. Many national parks have hot springs you can hang out at. Of course, while the water’s warm, the air outside will still be rather chilly. Hence, a wonderful opportunity to cuddle up together!


Make a Campfire

Campfires are one of the best ways to warm up in the fall, and leaves are good for kindling your fire. Find a nice spot, and let it warm up you up together as you cuddle beside it. Rock some sweatpants and hoodies to cozy together as much a possible, and don’t forget the marshmallows!


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