10 Best Cities For Young Professionals

10 Best Cities For Young Professionals Seeking Work-Life Balance

College is a time exploring, learning, and fun for students. Exploring new topics, making new friends, and trying new things are a few of the many benefits of college. When graduation rolls around and students enter the workforce though, they struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Zillow, and Redfin show the best cities for young professionals looking to make the most of their work-life balance. Using statistics such as walkability, average rent, and unemployment, we’ve been able to put together a list of the top ten cities for young professionals who are looking to have a better work-life balance.


The Midwest is a hotspot for young professionals claiming half of the top spots that include number one and two on the list. Higher wages, low unemployment rates, expanding night scenes and competitive rent are a few of the reasons these cities are the go-to spots for those fresh out of college. While cities like Los Angeles and New York may pay out higher wages, the cost of living in the Midwest is quite a bit lower. The extra spending money allows for more discretionary income to enjoy their free time and still have enough leftover to max their retirement accounts.


Looking for cities on the coast? The Bay area in Northern California, consisting of both San Francisco and Oakland, are good alternatives. Both cities have high walkability scores as well as endless outdoor activities to keep you busy. If you prefer the indoors, both cities have numerous venues with everything from professional sports to Broadway shows.


In the infographic below from Investment Zen, you’ll find some of the finer points in each city. Whether you’re enjoying an NBA game, hiking in the mountains, or paying off your student loans with the extra money, any of these cities will feel like home in no time.