7 Creative Cold Weather Date Ideas Around Denver


7 Creative Cold Weather Date Ideas Around Denver


If you’re on LuvByrd, it’s pretty much a given you love the outdoors, and more specifically skiing or boarding. It’s why we’re here – we adore everything the state has to offer and take advantage of the mountains every chance we can get. While racing a potential honey down the slopes or tearing it up on the hill sounds like a great second or third date activity, before committing to a long I-70 road trip, take the time to get to know one other first. There are plenty of unique spots around town to break the first date jitters. Don’t let the snow slow you down – it’s time to explore. 



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Brunch with the Best of Them

Hosted by local comedian Sam Tallent, Squeaky Bean’s Sunday Bingo Brunch is a raucous, rowdy good time. You can’t help but laugh at the ridiculous potty humor as you compete for gag gifts that range from a plate of bacon to Casa Bonita gift cards (second date?). Swap stories over a savory egg benedict with a Bloody Mary or two for liquid courage. 


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See Stars

The perfect setting for a sexy, nighttime escapade, the Chamberlin Observatory hosts weekly and monthly open houses for the public to gaze out over the solar system. Spot the moon, planets, and galaxies through the prized 1894 Alvan Clark-Saegmuller refracting telescope and before no time, you’ll be seeing stars.


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Can You Escape?

This high intensity, fully immersive interactive puzzle will send you on an adventure while flexing your brain. While it looks like an ordinary room, it’s actually a puzzle. You have 1 hour to escape - can YOU do it? Come with your family, friends, coworkers or date night and have a unique experience in one of our Escape Rooms!


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Root for the Home Team

The Avs, Mammoth or Nuggets may not be the best team in any of their respective leagues, but there’s no question they’re all fun to see live. The Pepsi Center hosts over 200 events a year, making it easy to find something going on almost any night of the week even if you’re not a sports fan.


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Drink Up

Sure, you could go to one the 10 million microbreweries in Denver – or you could try everything under one roof without breaking a sweat. First Draft is an innovative Taproom in RiNo that allows you to pour your own craft brews, wine and cider from 40 taps right on the wall. With high tech wristbands that measure and track your samples by the ounce, just make sure you uber home from this one.


Photo Credit: Nocturne


Turn up the Beat

A sexy and sensual jazz and supper club, Nocturne is another new RiNo gem. Boasting soulful sounds behind a dark and mysterious masked curtain, the ambiance is a nostalgic and sultry throwback to the ‘20s and ‘30s. And a bonus: instead of charging an entry fee, an artist fee is added to your tab at the end of the night that goes toward supporting a local non-profit so you leave feeling good about supporting the arts.


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Relive the Classics

No one wants to go to a movie on the first date, but the Alamo Drafthouse is no ordinary movie theater. With interactive entertainment in the form of quote-alongs, sing-alongs, and even chug-offs, the cult classic playing in the background will feel like white noise as you work to impress with your date with your savvy pop culture prowess. 


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Get Crafty

You’ve probably heard of Canvas and Cocktails, but Upstairs Circus takes arts and crafts to a whole other level. With an entire menu of creative projects, work together to make useful home décor elements like wine tumblers, pet collars, organizers, and a myriad of other things requiring handsy skills like woodworking and leatherworking. You’ll get to bring home an interesting souvenir from your date while making memories that’ll last a lifetime. 


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