Always Look Out for Your Partner Outdoors

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Always Look Out for Your Partner Outdoors

Outdoor dating is a little different than “regular” dating. While out on the trail, at the park, or even on the slopes, there’s a lot more to think about. Any partner would go to any extent to make sure their significant other is safe, but there’s definitely more to be aware of when you’re an outdoorsy couple. So, next time you get outside with your LuvByrd match (which knowing you guys, is probably tomorrow), make sure you have what it takes to look out for the other person. . . .

Chairlift Speed Dating

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LuvByrd Couples Up with Loveland Ski Area To Bring You This Amazing Single’s Event

     It all starts Dec. 10th at 10 A.M! You don’t want to miss it! . . .

Loveland/LuvByrd chairlift speed dating!

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Hey everyone, 

On December 10th, 2016 we are teaming up Loveland ski area to host the second chairlift speed dating event! Last years event was a huge sucess with over 200 single riders and skiers. This year we expect to double that!

Discounted lift tickets will be available for everyone who purchases them here for $48. Your ticket includes FREE beer from Upslope, and a raffle ticket which includes sweet gear from Phunkshun Wear Candy GrindGrass Sticks PolesZeal goggles, camping meals from Paleo Meals To Go! We'll also have music and of course the slops will be full with like minded singles who enjoy the outdoors. If you already have a pass or ticket the event is only $5! 

How it works is, we pair everyone together based on age and gender, then you ride the chairlift up with the option to ski down together, make a few runs, or meet us at the bottom where we'll match you up again. Each time you take a ride up you get a raffle ticket for our end of the day raffle. We'll begin registration at 9am and starting sending people up at 10am. The speed dating will last till 2pm, then we'll move to the deck where we'll have our social hour and raffle. Event will be done by 3pm.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.  Feel free to email us with any questions at [email protected]

Note: to receive the discounted ticket you MUST purchase them here.​

LuvByrd dates and escape routes

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LuvByrd dates and escape routes

Awkward dates will always leave an impression that’ll carry with you for your lifetime. They give you great stories after-the-fact, but during can be quite frightening. This post describes my favorite awkward dates that my friends and I have experienced, and some ways to get out of them – or to simply make it through them.

. . .

Get outside with LuvByrd

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Get Outside with LuvByrd

Have you ever had a great genuine conversation with a stranger on the chairlift? Or maybe you went camping with some peers, and they turned out to become your closest friends by the end of the trip. Separating ourselves from technology in this day and age is never an easy task, as most of us rely on our smartphones or laptops to be a part of our daily lives. But even a day trip out to the slopes, or a morning bike ride is helpful enough to clear our minds from the congestion of social media feeds, stock market updates, or work triumphs. . . .