Adventure dating with LuvByrd

Adventure Dating With LuvByrd

Getting to know someone new is never an easy task. Opening up, and allowing someone to judge your life experiences from an outsider’s perspective makes you feel vulnerable. This is why LuvByrd users enjoy going on dates that are outside and active. While showing your strength through climbing a 14er, or kayaking through the reservoir—breaking down your walls does not seem as intimidating. Adventure dating is easier than awkwardly making conversation during a movie, and takes the pressure off of trying to fit in just enough drinks during a dinner date. Go outside, enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountains that tower over our beautiful state, and make memories that you and your date could never forget. 



Adventure Dating

Is exactly how it sounds: exploring the world around you while getting to know someone’s life experiences. Especially in Colorado, the world is full of individuals who want to go outside and get to know their adventurous sides in the great outdoors. Adventure dating doesn’t have to be deep in the woods or in the middle of the mountains; you can easily find great places to picnic, bike ride, or simply stroll all around here in Denver.




For First Dates

First dates are always daunting. To initiate and to decide just the right place to go. But who can say no to a beautiful hike with spectacular views? For first dates, opt to go on a well-frequented and popular hike or even a casual bike ride along the trail. This helps ensure a beautiful environment for the hike to take place, plenty of smiling faces around you to ease your nerves, and a great space to clear the air and spur genuine conversation. LuvByrd’s Recommendation: Mt. Sanitas in Boulder, CO.


For “Still Getting to Know You” Dates

There’s no longer those first date nerves, but you’re still trying to get to know your date. These dates are perfect to go camping, or trek out further into the mountains for a hike. Since you know each other better, you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable silent car rides – making it a perfect opportunity to further the conversation. Just as well, camping makes another great “getting to know you” environment – you can bond over sharing a small space, cooking in the backwoods, and can observe how each other copes without the constant presence of technology. LuvByrd’s Recommendation: St. Mary’s Glacier in Idaho Springs, CO.


For “Getting Serious” Dates

You know your date very well, what they like and dislike, how many siblings they have, and are trying to decide whether or not to fully commit to them. This is a perfect setting to go backpacking, mountain biking, or on a group adventure. These are the tester dates that can make or break your idealized image of the other person. These kinds of dates are to help show if your date is compatible with you and your friends, and if you two can get along in a more challenging environment. LuvByrd’s Recommendation: Conundrum Hot Springs in Aspen, CO.

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