Get outside with LuvByrd

Get Outside with LuvByrd

Have you ever had a great genuine conversation with a stranger on the chairlift? Or maybe you went camping with some peers, and they turned out to become your closest friends by the end of the trip. Separating ourselves from technology in this day and age is never an easy task, as most of us rely on our smartphones or laptops to be a part of our daily lives. But even a day trip out to the slopes, or a morning bike ride is helpful enough to clear our minds from the congestion of social media feeds, stock market updates, or work triumphs. Coloradoans appreciate the outdoors more than most. We are gifted with the namesake of the fittest state, whether that means our aptitude for camping trips or hammocking in the local park. Personally, we LuvByrd’s have been able to use the outdoors to gain perspective on obstacles, or simply to clear our heads. Even if you’re not on a date, a quick trip to the outdoors or some other adventure will always help your mental stability and overall energy.


LuvByrd’s Favorite Winter Outdoors Escape: Keystone Resort, Dillon, CO.

When you go solo skiing you are able to meet strangers, enjoy as many runs as you possibly desire, all while taking a break from your daily life. Keystone is the perfect mix of fun for beginning skiers, as well as some woodsy terrain for those apt for more adventure.


LuvByrd’s Favorite Spring Outdoors Escape: Chautauqua Park Sunrise Hikes, Boulder, CO.

The best way to see Colorado, as well as to feel awe-struck by breathtaking views, is to visit the Flat Irons at sunrise and watch the sun rise over all of eastern Colorado. Sunrise hikes take very little planning and prep, simply getting up high enough to find a nice place to stop and watch the sun rise. You’ll feel renewed and cleansed after this experience.



LuvByrd’s Favorite Summer Outdoors Escape: Rockies Games at Coors Field, Denver, CO.

What better way to escape from the stress of work than to go cheer on your favorite dinosaur, drink some Coors brew, and eat some ballpark grub. Sports events bring all communities together to celebrate and cheer on your home team. Even if you aren’t from Colorado, you’re bound to see some breathtaking views and enjoy the atmosphere no matter what.



LuvByrd’s Favorite Fall Outdoors Escape:  Lost Creek Wilderness, Fairplay, CO.

If you’re spending the fall in Colorado, you must go visit the Rockies and find yourself a clump of aspens. Aside from Aspen, Colorado, the Lost Creek Wilderness is the only place we’ve found that begins to be comparable in beauty with these gorgeous trees. Take a backpacking trip, or a day hike here.