How To Date A Skier Girl

"From goggle tan to competitive personality; chugging beer to owning more pairs of skis than jeans; knit hats to duck-taped snowpants, the reasons are as intriguing as they are terrifying. The average date will not do, as she has an adventurous spirit. Her every day is your vacation. So how do you date a  girl that is always on the go, plays hard, chases the snow, and will ditch you on a powder day?


  1. Think outside the box. Dinner is a great idea, however hiking up a mountain, eating homemade food in Tupperware at the top and then sledding back down is a better idea.
  2. Don t expect her to always be available on the weekends. If your girl is a weekend warrior, she will most likely be throwing back drinks by 4:30pm after a hard day of skiing. She will then go to bed early in order to wake up for first chair the next morning. If she is a full time ski bum, then she will most likely be working on the weekends in order to have mid-week days off. Monday and Tuesday nights are better as she will most likely either not be working, or playing.
  3. The music scene is always a good scene. Whether she is dancing on a table in her ski boots apr