Love is in the air

This winter season, love is in the air, in the mountains, the rivers, the rocks, the snow, the tent With LuvByrd, romance looks to the great outdoors. LuvByrd LuvByrd creator Mike Keshian created this dating site for all those like him struggling to find a match. Here, outdoor enthusiasts can set up active dates in the area to move beyond the bar stool or restaurant booth and find some who shares their true passions. LuvByrd gives sporty singles the chance to say goodbye to those solo hikes and bike rides, and instead find the right partner for their favorite outdoor activities. Ski season provides the perfect setting for LuvByrd s inaugural term cold snow and warm fires pretty much guarantee a good time with your new lift buddy. Plus, running, biking, and climbing make for great dating opportunities year-round. On the site, users can create profiles where they list their city, age, name, their significant-other gender preference, and a range of outdoor activities that they participate in, for both winter and summer. Members then search for other members by activities listed in heir profiles and choose who they want to connect with based on their shared interests. Right now, LuvByrd is only active in Colorado. With luck, this exceptionally active state will bring Keshian enough success to unleash his ideas across the country. To help give LuvByrd its first boost, sign up at to take your dating life on a trip outside.