LuvByrd dates and escape routes

LuvByrd dates and escape routes

Awkward dates will always leave an impression that’ll carry with you for your lifetime. They give you great stories after-the-fact, but during can be quite frightening. This post describes my favorite awkward dates that my friends and I have experienced, and some ways to get out of them – or to simply make it through them.

There was one man at my friend’s work who would always ask her out, no matter whether they were in the middle of a meeting or a project. His timing was never there, and as a result, she took the offering as a joke. It was all fun and games until one day he went up to her and seriously asked her, “What can I do to get you to go out with me?” Realizing that it was never an actual joke to him, she decided to give it a shot. They went hiking together, to a popular medium hike out in Boulder. The man would not stop talking about himself, and show off his hiking skills, and tried to fill every silence with a personal anecdote of his own triumphs. The awkwardness stemmed from her wondering if she was even on a date or if she was just a means by which to talk about himself. LuvByrd’s Escape Route: Try to relate to the experiences of your partner and see if they give you any emotional feedback, like a good laugh or an enthusiastic, yeah exactly! If they still are unreceptive, enjoy the scenery, people watch, and make them run out of conversation about themselves until they are forced to turn the topic to you.

This one man asked a woman out after meeting at a bar, and asked her if she wanted to bring some friends on a group date out to a hockey game. Eager to go see a game, and to meet new people, her and her friend dressed all out for the event and met the guys at the game. However, there were no guys, just the one who asked her out. At first he blamed it on a miscommunication, but throughout the game it became apparent that he was hitting on the both of them. LuvByrd’s Escape Route: enjoy the game as if y’all were just friends. If your partner isn’t being upfront and seems shady, turn it into a fun night out with friends, and enjoy the game. You’ll have plenty of fun stories to tell your friends later on, but just go with the flow and have no expectations from your partner and you won’t be disappointed.

After dating for a few months, one man asked his lover to go to the pool for a nice date out under the stars. They were close at this point, and knew almost everything about each other. After a few hours enjoying the hot tub, he got out first and started to dry off. She then followed suit, and as he was checking her out leaving the hot tub, she broke wind. Her face was of pure terror, and he struggled to not laugh. LuvByrd’s Escape Route: Laugh it off. After knowing someone for a long period of time, embarrassing moments are bound to happen, and sharing them will only build a stronger relationship. Then you get the excuse to be able to break wind in front of each other from then on out. She did you a favor.

While taking a lunch break in between studying at an on campus food place, one woman was abruptly approached by a man who immediately quizzed her on why she was alone. He continued to ask her questions about her life and turned out to be less abrasive than originally thought. He asked for her phone number, and she gave it to him. He then asked if she gave him a fake number since he didn’t immediately get a text but then apologized when it finally came in. Knowing he was a little off she agreed to go on a short boba tea date a week later. The date was a little uncomfortable as he filled the normal silences with forced laughter. Then after walking her back to her dorm he asked, “On a scale of 1 to 7, how good of a kisser are you?” Appalled by the ranking of 1 to 7 as well as the weirdness of the question, she mumbled a confused response. He then immediately reacted with a “Well let me see” and tried to kiss her. LuvByrd’s Escape Route: Shake it off, excuse yourself, and head on home. The purpose of dating someone is to find someone you’re compatible with. If it doesn’t work out, there’s no harm in saying so!