Always Look Out for Your Partner Outdoors

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Always Look Out for Your Partner Outdoors

Outdoor dating is a little different than “regular” dating. While out on the trail, at the park, or even on the slopes, there’s a lot more to think about. Any partner would go to any extent to make sure their significant other is safe, but there’s definitely more to be aware of when you’re an outdoorsy couple. So, next time you get outside with your LuvByrd match (which knowing you guys, is probably tomorrow), make sure you have what it takes to look out for the other person. . . .

Loveland/LuvByrd chairlift speed dating!

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Hey everyone, 

On December 10th, 2016 we are teaming up Loveland ski area to host the second chairlift speed dating event! Last years event was a huge sucess with over 200 single riders and skiers. This year we expect to double that!

Discounted lift tickets will be available for everyone who purchases them here for $48. Your ticket includes FREE beer from Upslope, and a raffle ticket which includes sweet gear from Phunkshun Wear Candy GrindGrass Sticks PolesZeal goggles, camping meals from Paleo Meals To Go! We'll also have music and of course the slops will be full with like minded singles who enjoy the outdoors. If you already have a pass or ticket the event is only $5! 

How it works is, we pair everyone together based on age and gender, then you ride the chairlift up with the option to ski down together, make a few runs, or meet us at the bottom where we'll match you up again. Each time you take a ride up you get a raffle ticket for our end of the day raffle. We'll begin registration at 9am and starting sending people up at 10am. The speed dating will last till 2pm, then we'll move to the deck where we'll have our social hour and raffle. Event will be done by 3pm.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.  Feel free to email us with any questions at [email protected]

Note: to receive the discounted ticket you MUST purchase them here.​

Westword meets LuvByrd!

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Westword meets LuvByrd!

Dating can be difficult no matter where you live. But outdoorsy types in Colorado have a special challenge: There's a whole lot of great wide-open out there -- but it's not easy to run into person of your gender/orientation preference who also enjoys the outdoor activities you do. Mike Keshian, owner and chief executive officer of LuvByrd, has a solution: His Colorado-made dating site/social network is outdoor-activity-based. Although it's only been around for about a month, Keshian says that matches have already been made -- and he's confident the future is bright for his start-up. "I was living in Crested Butte and it's kind of a hard place to meet people, living in a small town like that," he says. "So some friends and I were thinking, 'What could we do to meet more people?'" Then Keshian and his friends caught the commercial. "That's really where the idea was born," he says. "We were like, 'Why don't we have, or, or'" But they wanted to unite all of their outdoor interests under one banner, since it would be tedious to manage profiles on different websites for each activity. And so was born. On this site, users create profiles where they list their city and country, age, name, their significant-other gender preference, and a range of outdoor activities that they enjoy, divided into winter and summer. "You click through those lists and select what you like, and that generates your profile," Keshian says. Then, once your profile is generated, you can see lists of everyone who might interest you (and who might be interested in you) who are also into rafting or climbing, for example. And conveniently, you'll have some built-in ideas for a first-date activity. "If you want to try to find a new ski partner or climbing partner, you can do that," Keshian says. Users can set up groups based on interests and could potentially arrange group dates that way, he notes; he's also hoping to set up LuvByrd mixers and adventure dates. As LuvByrd gets off the ground, Keshian will be raffling off monthly prizes -- like a snowboard, a pair of skis or other equipment -- as an incentive to sign up. Visit to learn more.

Westword meets LuvByrd-

Best Summer Patios for Dating in Colorado

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The 6 Best Summer Patios for Dating in Colorado

Nothing says dating in Colorado quite like getting to know someone with a good beer under the summer sun. And thankfully for us, the Rocky Mountain state seems to have an endless supply of new breweries, restaurants and bars popping up. From secluded to super trendy, for whatever mood you re trying to set, here s a cheat sheet of all best patios in Denver, Boulder and beyond for a great LuvByrd date. . . .