303 Magazine finds LuvByrd again!

303 Magazine finds LuvByrd again!


"LuvByrd has revolutionized online dating to the niche of active singles. In the Mile High City, it has become an elevated (no pun intended) way to meet people who share your love for the outdoors. LuvByrd is the dating site for the health-conscious, adrenaline seekers, and adventurers. It s what I like to call the Tinder for people who like to do more than just drink at the bars. The best part? It s free. Whether you are boarding and wish you had someone to share the lift with, or if your yoga adventures call for a couples move, it just feels so Colorado to reach out to others with the same, active lifestyle. We spoke to creator of LuvByrd Mike Keshian about what sets the dating site apart from the rest:

[caption id="attachment_220819" align="alignleft" width="259"]luvbyrd luvbyrd.com[/caption] Unlike other sites, there s no hiding who you really are on LuvByrd. People are here because they love that outdoor, fit, fun life and are looking for like minded matches. Members can search for their match by what activities they re into, where they like to ski most, or meet in person with our outdoor events. With LuvByrd you really can find the perfect partner for your next adventure. - Mike Keshian

303 Magazine cannot wait for LuvByrd s Loveland Ski Party happening March 28th! It s refreshing to go out in the world at mixers, on hikes, and experience nature on your date. Colorado makes the perfect backdrop.

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Here are 10 Reasons Why We Love Dating in Colorado

1. Hiking Trails

LuvByrd HikeColorado has so many amazing hiking trails, it has to be our favorite active date to start the relationship. You get plenty of time to talk on the way up, plus, there is an amazing sense of accomplishement to be standing next to your date all sweaty on the top of a mountain. Talk about a turn on.

2. Acro-Yoga

LuvByrd Yogis, photo taken by Romeo Fernandez. Acro yoga or couples yoga has become one of the most coveted new forms of exercise for yogis, mostly because the limitless possibilities of new yoga posing with a partner. Upper body strength is a must, and many classes are taught for couples yoga right here in the Mile High City. Everyone likes a bendy girlfriend/boyfriend, am I right?

3. Snowboarding

Snowboarder at the US Open, photo by Roman Tafoya. There s nothing better than sitting on the ski lift with your favorite snowboarding buddy, also, it s a plus if you can make out on the way up. Don t fear finding your board mate, LuvByrd has literally tons and tons of snowboarders who just want someone to share the mountain with!

4. Skiing

LuvByrd, photo by Roman Tafoya. My ideal weekend would be skiing the pow during the day, and cuddling up with your significant other at night next to a fire. There is something super romantic about skiing in the mountains, and personally, I think it has a lot to do with taking off those 15 layers of clothing. It s like peeling a sexy, fit, onion. LuvByrd s Loveland Ski Party is coming on March 28th, don t miss it!

5. Sexy Workout Buddy

Couples workout move, photo by Eric Goitia. We dedicated an entire article to the best couples workout moves, because it works. There are some things that just work better with someone else by your side. Be the gym rat swolemates you have always wanted, and find your workout buddy on LuvByrd before they leave for their next gym class. So, asap.

6. Pool Life

The one and only 303 Magazine Pool Party at the Breakers Resort. It s almost Summer, which means it s almost time to unveil your fit body and lounge out at the pool. Colorado has some amazing spaces for swimming and taking advantage of the warm summer nights. Check out Glennwood Springs for a fit, romantic, and sultry date with your LuvByrd. If you want to experience the best pool party in Denver, take your date to our 303 Magazine Pool Parties at the Breakers Resort!

7. Rock Climbing

LuvByrd rock climbingIf you do this alone, you have a death wish. Everyone needs someone to spot them at the bottom of the highest rock climbing wall. The weather is heating up, and so will you when you get that great view of your boyfriend/girlfriends behind as they scale the wall. Brilliant? I know.

8. Tubing

LuvByrd Tubing with a bag o wine on the Poudre in Fort Collins, CO. Photo by Lindsey Bartlett. Tubing reminds us of the best, carefree Summer dates. Boulder Creek kills it. Don t drink, or only have a few brews if you re highly experienced on the tube. For a less intense tubing date, enjoy the calmer Poudre River in Fort Collins. Bring a bag of wine because it floats and you can tie a string to it and throw it to each other.

9. Paddle Boat Built for Two

LuvByrd BoatingCity Park is a beautiful outdoor date spot, or our personal favorite is Evergreen Lake. Paddle boating is one of the best & romantic first dates you can create. It s a great way to enjoy the sun, let loose, and not take yourself so seriously. Plus, you can show off your calves. Yassss, LuvByrd, we love you.

10. Biking

LuvByrd bikingAnywhere, anytime, any place. If you re about that fixie life like many Coloradoans are, take them on a Denver Cruisers ride for your date. If you re really about that fixie life, take them on the Loop. http://303magazine.com/10-reasons-we-love-dating-in-colorado-luvbyrd