5 Tips for Creating Your dating Profile

   5 Tips for Creating Your Personal LuvByrd Profile 


You’ve just signed up with LuvByrd and now it’s time to create your personal profile. Your profile is the first thing your potential matches will see when they are on the “playing field.” Obviously, it’s hard to get to know what someone’s about just by reading a few words. But, it’s likely you’ll still want to make a good impression right from the start. Don’t spend hours coming up with answers for your profile. Just take these tips!



1. Your Photo Matters

Yes, looks aren’t the most important thing. We know. But, that’s hardly the point when it comes to choosing a picture. Everyone has a type, and it’s a good idea to get a photo that really exemplifies YOU. Therefore, choose a natural photo. Don’t choose one that’s from five years ago or has you in a photo with your best buddies. That’ll make it confusing to figure out which one is you. Be honest about how you look because you don’t want to show up for your date and your match can’t even recognize you.


Tip: Choose a picture that shows you doing something you love to do outdoors.



2. Be Yourself and Speak Truthfully

LuvByrd requires users to create a summary about themselves when they edit their profile. Your summary should not be a life story, nor should it be completely vague. It shouldn’t be the same thing you would write for a job interview or personal information like how many birthmarks you have. Be honest, but don’t give away the mystery just yet. Your potential matches want to get a general idea of who you are. Maybe list your age, your interests, and something sweet you can offer the other person.


Tip: Don’t say things like, “I enjoy long walks on the beach.” Since it is an outdoor dating website, you might very well love long walks on the beach. But, try to stay away from using too many cliches.


3. Have Fun With the Questions and Don’t Skip Them

LuvByrd asks users to answer three questions in their profiles. The questions are fun and help your potential match get a deeper sense of your personality. Even if you can’t think of something, don’t leave it blank. Generally, the first answer that comes to mind is probably the one you want to go with, even if you think it’s lame or embarrassing. After all, you never know who might have had a similar experience or thought!


Tip: Keep it simple and genuine. It’s easy to go off on tangents when answering these kinds of questions. Just leave it to one or two sentences.


... of sunset, beach, couple, ...


4. Don’t Get “Check Crazy” With The Last Part

On the last section, you’ll be asked to check off a few of your favorite seasonal activities. Please, ladies and gentlemen, don’t go overboard with this. It’s not a health form for your new doctor. Your match does not need every possible interest you’ve ever possessed since birth. When you check off the boxes, keep it to the ones you’ve tried and that you would be interested in doing with someone else. That’s the point, of course.


Tip: The questions are asking about your “favorite” activity. While we understand there are many options to choose from, maybe try to keep it to five maximum.


And finally…


5. Please Don’t Lie

Do we really need to say this? Hopefully it’s just a reminder. Please don’t lie about your age, gender, or anything of that nature. LuvByrd does not want to be featured on a reality TV show because you told your match you were twenty and like diving, but you’re actually sixty and like burger joints. Sooner or later, your match will know the truth, and we’d hate to say we told you so.


Tip: Everyone has things about them they are self-conscious about. It’s likely your potential matches have their own insecurities as well. Own those imperfections, because there IS someone out there who will think your flaws are masterpieces.


Use these tips and create your profile on LuvByrd now!