"Coloradans have a lot of pride in where they live. Whether you re one of the few that was born here or you re a transplant, 303 Magazine created a guide of how to live like a Coloradan. Here are a few simple rules to follow.

1. Always have a good time.

Lindsay Luv spinning at the 303 Magazine Pool Party. The number one priority for Colorado living is to always have a good time. Colorado offers thousands of acres of mountain to explore, pools to chill at during the summer, shows to attend practically every night, and plenty of dining options around every corner. Whatever you re doing, enjoy it and don t sweat the small stuff. Here is an idea for how to have a good time Sept. 19th.

2. Always point out cool shit.

Chihuly at the Denver Botanic Gardens, photo by Lindsey Bartlett. Instagram is probably Colorado s #1 app. From sunset photos to what you re eating for lunch, Coloradans have no shame in sharing what they re seeing around town. Share the love, give each other ideas and tips, and hand someone a compliment every once in while of something you find interesting about them like this guy s mustache from Denver Fashion Weekend 2013.

3. Get out and do cool shit.

Getting air at the World Pond Skimming Championships in Vail, Colorado Take advantage of the mountainous terrain. Get outside, explore and catch the brilliant sunshine. Try exploring some of these places.

4. Do what you love. Fuck the haters because haters are gonna hate.

Photography by Glenn Ross. http://on.fb.me/16KNsgK As Miley would say, Only God can judge ya, forget the haters cause somebody loves ya. Coloradans don t care about what other people think. Do you know how many grown men we saw at Miley s show this spring? See photos from Bangerz Tour 2014 at the Pepsi Center here.

5. Always follow through and commit.


A commitment to something can transform your whole world. This could be chasing your dream, doing something adventurous in our beautiful state, or finding love. If you re single in Colorado, you can start here.  

6. Believe Colorado to be better than your original place of origin.

photo by Kiddest Metaferia You left your hometown for a reason. Bike the streets, ride the mountains, run the marathons and party with best. There are so many things to do in Colorado that you cannot experience anywhere else on earth. See what Downtown Denver does to make our state great.

7. Smile and spread Colorado cheer.

Photo by Brent Andeck Smiling is the simplest way to make someone s day or even appreciate your own. Here are six ways you can smile more this week. Also see five fall lipsticks to gloss your smile." http://303magazine.com/2014/09/seven-rules-coloradan-life/