Colorado Waterfalls to Visit on Your Next Outdoor Adventure Date by LuvByrd

Colorado Waterfalls to Visit on Your Next Outdoor Adventure Date by LuvByrd

An outdoor date is one thing, but an outdoor date that involves seeing a breathtaking waterfall is another. There is something truly fascinating about waterfalls that exist in nature. If you want to impress your date, and you are both the adventurous type, make arrangements to go on a hike that involves seeing one of Colorado's spectacular waterfalls. When it comes to outdoor dating in Colorado, LuvByrd knows there are countless choices and options. A date that involves a hike to a waterfall is sure to create a remarkable memory that will create a lasting bond between you and your hiking partner.

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Here is a list put together by LuvByrd of some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Colorado:

Seven Falls - Located in Colorado Springs, Seven Falls offers seven waterfalls that are located in a 1,400-foot-wall box canyon. The area consists of walking and hiking trails and other adventure opportunities that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a memorable experience. Seven Falls is well known in Colorado as one of the most beautiful outdoor areas in the state. If you want to experience a fun outdoor date, Seven Falls is a destination not to miss!3735777768_f14d71421c_z

Hanging Lake- Providing visitors with a glimpse at a true natural geologic wonder, Hanging Lake offers a rigorous hike that is well worth the effort. Located in Glenwood Canyon, Hanging Lake is a popular destination and perfect for couples looking for an adventurous date. The views at Hanging Lake are spectacular and not matched anywhere else in the world.hanging-lake with LuvByrd

Booth Falls - If you're heading to Vail, Colorado for your adventure date, make sure to put a visit to Booth Falls on your list of things to do. The waterfall is 60-feet and offers hikers with a beautiful view that is well worth the trek. Described as a moderate-level hike, make sure to plan your trip to Booth Falls between June and August.516556120_570a206fbe_z

Box Canyon Falls - Well known as an area perfect for wildlife viewing, observing rare plant life, and seeing unique geological formations, Box Canyon Falls provides visitors with a peaceful place to hike, enjoy a picnic, and learn about the history of the area's natural environment. Because Box Canyon Falls is located in Ouray, Colorado, a trip to this waterfall requires a several-hour drive from the Denver

Cascade Falls - A spectacular location to view waterfalls, wildlife and wildflowers, Cascade Falls is a fabulous place to visit. Located on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park, Cascade Falls offers a 3.5 mile hike with an elevation gain of 300 feet. The hiking trail to the falls is described as easy to moderate - which may be a perfect option for an outdoor date at the beginning of a new relationship.

Trail From Bear Lake to Sprague Lake

Other Colorado locations that provide excellent fun and adventurous spots for an outdoor date that include seeing a waterfall are: Bear Creek Falls, Fish Creek Falls, St. Mary's Falls, Alberta Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Elk Creek Falls, and Zapata Falls.

LuvByrd highly recommends a date that involves a hike to a beautiful waterfall for anyone who loves the idea of an adventure date in the beautiful state of Colorado!

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