First Date Ideas for New Couples Who Love the Outdoors

First Date Ideas for New Couples Who Love the Outdoors

Luvbyrd allows you to meet your matches, so you can start planning the first date in no time. But, where to go?

You’ve agreed on a day, but you’re having a hard time choosing the “right spot” with your new romantic interest. If they the outdoors as much as you, then it’s likely they may be hard to impress!

But, don’t worry. We’re here to rescue you. These first date ideas are adventurous and new, but familiar enough for you and your date to focus on igniting the spark. 

An Outdoor Concert or Live Music

Going to a concert or watching live music outdoors can be a really enjoyable first date. You can see how your date handles the dance floor, and learn what musical interests you have in common. If you get a little bored, you can go for a stroll into the peace and quiet. Stay out late talking about anything, listening to the tunes in the background.

A Simple Day Hike

A day hike is a wonderful way to get to know your match. Because it’s only a day, it’s just enough time to see if you really connect with this person. Choose a hike that’s easy, so you have plenty of time to admire the views together instead of getting tired out. After all, you might not be aware yet of your partner’s level. Just because your date loves hiking, doesn’t necessarily mean they are up for climbing mountains on the first meeting. How can you talk if you’re so out of breath?

An Extreme Adventure

Does your match’s profile state that he or she likes “to get down and dirty?” Then planning the first date shouldn’t be hard. Go rock climbing. Go on a zipline. Find a hedge maze. Spend the day white water rafting. Whatever you do, just make sure your match can handle it. You don’t want to overwhelm the other person. But, we’re willing to bet that  the amount of fun you have together will at least make some chemistry happen.

A Quiet Spot in the City

If you’re both from the city, then getting outdoors on a first date might have a different meaning. If you don’t have quite enough time to get to where the real nature is, then surely there’s a nice, quiet spot in the city you can go to. Most cities with good urban development have some kind of park or hill where you can get a nice view of the skyline, away from all the noise down below. Bring a blanket and some wine, and spend the evening getting to know each other as the sun goes down.

Campfire Breakfast and Sunrise

There’s nothing like waking up at the crack of dawn to have your first date with your Luvbyrd match. Meet up early, bring a portable stove, some things to cook, and whatever else you need for a delicious breakfast picnic. Hike up to the local sunrise viewing spot, wherever that may be, watch it together, then relax with some eggs, toast, and campfire coffee.


A Backcountry Wine Tour

For outdoorsy singles who love wine just as much as they love the wilderness, then luckily there’s something in store. There are countless wine regions located throughout the U.S. Doing a tour of one of them together will be an unforgettable first date. Some wine regions are more rustic than others, which means you can choose whether or not you want more wine, more backcountry, or a mix of both. But, don’t drink too much! Remember, it’s just the first date! (Better to go overboard on the cheese, instead.)


After you use the dating app to find your match, you’ll have to see if it’s true. See if the attraction is there on one of these awesome first dates. If it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll have had a fun time!